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Q: What is Abdalian Association of North America (AANA)
A: See About AANA page.

Q: AANA and HOBA: How are they related?
A: Although AANA is not formally affiliated with Hasanabdal Old Boys Association (HOBA), we are committed to keeping a strong relationship with open communication, collaboration and coordination with HOBA. (issue: need to consider having a liaison with HOBA who is a member of both organizations).

Q: Why and how to become a member of AANA
A: See Membership page

Q: What are the requirements for becoming a member of AANA
A:Active membership in AANA shall be open to anyone who fulfills the definition of being an Abdalian, and resides in North America.
Under AANA By Laws (draft) the term”ABDALIAN” means any person who has been a student at Cadet College Hasanabdal or has been on the teaching staff for any period of time.

Q: How can I help AANA
A: Here are several ways you can help AANA:
Join AANA as a member
Encourage other Abdalians residing in North America to join AANA as members.
Donate to AANA

Q: Are there any membership dues or other obligations to become a member
A: For Abdalians residing in North America, there are no obligations other than providing some basic contact information during registration. We do not have any membership dues for basic membership.

Q: I am concerned about my privacy. Who can see my contact information
A: The contact information that you provide during registration is visible only to other Abdalians residing in North America, who registered AANA members, and only if they are logged in to the site. All others will not have access to the your contact information. AANA will not share your contact information with anyone without your permission.


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