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How to Take Meeting Notes

  1. In web browser go to
  2. Login to your account (must have editor role or higher)
  3. Click on main menubar item:  News & Events / Meeting Notes
  4. Click title of first meeting note in page to see details of that specific meeting note
  5. Click on admin (very top) menubar item: Edit Post (hover on this to see sub-menu) / Duplicate this as Draft
    •  The last meeting notes will be copied to a new post that will show in a page of posts with the newly created copy as the first post. It will have status of Draft
  6. Click Edit just under “Draft” for the newly created copy
  7.  Start preparing the new meeting notes with following changes
    • Change the date in title keeping the same date format for consistency
    • Change the date for Approval of Meeting Minutes to be the last meeting’s date
    • Update agenda topics to match posted agenda
    • Update Next Meeting for date of next meeting based on the recurring schedule
  8.  Click Save Draft button in top below admin menu every so often to save changes as draft
  9.  During meeting take notes and click Save Draft
  10. At the end of the meeting review draft notes as best as possible for typos, clarity and completeness
  11. Click Publish
  12. Select Visibility Public
  13. Select Publish: Immediately
  14. Copy link to new page and share it on slack #general channel

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