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Meeting Notes: August 6, 2020

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Allaudin (President) at August 6, 9:05 PM ET
  2. Attendance
    Present: Allaudin Mahmood Bashir (President), (Webmaster),  Farrukh Najmi (Board of Trustees, Webmaster), Abid Hussain (President Elect), WaseemUllah, Naveed Ahmed (Treasurer)
    Not Present: , Raza Anwar Khan (Board of Trustees), Syed Imran Ali (Finance Committee), Zubair Niazi (Immediate Past President), Kashif Malik (Webmaster) , Abrar Arshad Bari (Secretary)
  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda:  Agenda as posted by Allaudin Mahmood Bashir approved unanimously
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes from July 2, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Imran Ali)
    •  Account balanace: $21,149.78
    • Vanguard: $45,145.92 invested. Will invest more periodically from endownment fund when market is down
  6. Old Business
    • Updating CCH Library with Books/Kindles: No progress

    • Mentoring Program

      • DUE ACTION: Post to non-AANA Abdalian forums asking for mentor volunteers – Allaudin – Not done yet, want to be sure we are ready to have mentors register on our website. Need to add form for mentors to register in web site

      • DUE ACTION: Create a page listing mentors by profession on web site. Update current mentor program info to reflect new mentor process – Naveed – Need to add form for mentors to register in web site

    • Fundraising

      • DUE ACTION: Waseem to look into how we can do this in current WordPress web site through pluginsNot done yet. ACTION: Farrukh to add manual thermometer to show funds raised since beginning of year.

      • Need to automate sending a thank you letter for each donation.
    • Scholarship Policy

      • DUE ACTION: Formulate the policy and update web site

        • The draft policy as proposed and reviewed over slack is available at: https://www.abdalians-na.org/what-we-do/#9-eael-table-of-content
        • All agreed to share proposed scholarship policy with CCH Principal to get his review and approval
    • Website- Issues & Solutions

      • Problem 1: Member database page is not working. This broke sometime in recent months

      • Problem 2: Canadian members cannot register because registration page does not allow Canadian addresses. Pre-existing issue

      • Problem 3: No email being received when new member registers. Pre-existing issue.
  7. New Business:

    • Annual Meeting – Feedback; What went well, what needs to be improved.

      • Zoom allowed bigger than normal particpation. In future in-person meetings should also include a zoom option. Technology challenges need to be managed better
      • Speakers were a hit
      • Did well on fund raising. Need to improve on how we collect pledges
      • 45 minutes overtime was not good. Need to stick to time in future. Limit speakers to allocated time
    • Newsletter – July Edition – Naveed/Farrukh

      • Drone video of CCH
      • 9th entry tribute to CCH
      • Check other historical suggestions sent by Allaudin
      • Update on student deqlinquency problem at CCH and what AANA is doing about it
      • Closer communication between AANA and CCH with new aana-cch slack workspace
    • Website – Are we ready to decide if we want to keep the current one and improve/fix it or go to the new one as proposed by Waseem Ullah

    • Fundraising

      • Update – Naveed

        • Desired goal: $20,000, Total received: $17,300,
          • General Fund: $2,500
          • Scholarship Fund: $8,250
          • Endowment Fund: $6,550
      • We need to double up our efforts and try to exceed our goal – We have another four to five months left in the year.

    • Financial Assistance/scholarships to students currently in trouble

      • Thank You to EC for approving the $2400 to rescue Huraira Akram, 64th Entry. Has the transfer been made? CCH has requested us to consider sponsoring him through graduation which will be May 2022. We are looking at $3,425 Huraira has a sponsor who takes care of 50% of his expenses, we will be taking care of the remainder.

      • We were requested to help another student in trouble, Sultan Salahuddin, 62nd entry. He had requested $1850 to clear his existing delinquency, but 40th entry stepped up and took care of him. CCH has requested us to sponsor him for next year till his graduation in 2021, this will require $2168.

      • We have a third request from Hasnain Afzal Watoo who is currently in class 10th, he needed $3840. CCH has indicated to us that they have found a donor for him to take care of this delinquency. We have asked CCH if he will require a sponsor for the rest of his stay, we are awaiting a response. We have also requested TAAC to work with us for his needs.

      • If we agree to support these students we will not have to pay in lump sum, we will be able to make quarterly payments, and we will execute a MOU with CCH.

      • Legal Implications – Sending funds to foreign accounts – Imran suggested if we execute MOU’s we should be fine – We need to confirm this- Seek advice from a legal source.

      • Need to find a way to minimize transaction fees for transferring scholarship fund money to CCH.
        • We could do all scholarships for the year in a single transaction
        • Talk to Bank of America to find ways to reduce transfer costs

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 11:26 PM ET

Next Meeting: September 3, 2020 9PM Eastern
Zoom link TBD

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