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Meeting Notes: February 6, 2020

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Allaudin (new President) at February 6, 9:08 PM ET
  2. AttendancePresent: Allaudin Mahmood Bashir (President), Abid Hussain (President Elect), Naveed Ahmed (Treasurer), Kashif Malik (Webmaster), Waseem Ullah (Webmaster),  Farrukh Najmi (Board of Trustees, Webmaster), Zubair Niazi (Immediate Past President), Abrar Arshad Bari (Secretary)
    Not Present: Imran Ali (Finance Committee), Raza Anwar Khan (Board of Trustees)
  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda:  Motion to approve agenda as posted by Allaudin Mahmood Bashir approved unanimously
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes from January 16, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Naveed)
    • Sent $440 of $500 donation with $60 for processing fees to CCH
    • Bank of America account has $49940.95.
  6. Old Business
    • CCH Laptop donation (report by Kashif)
      • Laptops are for faculty members. So they can start using email and other software
      • Requirement has gone down from 100 to 25 laptops
      • Kashif requested AANA President to communicate with CCH Principal
      • Kashif suggest AANA donate laptops rather than loan funds to purchase them
      • ACTION: Everyone please enter any questions related to laptop project by entering them at slack channel at
    • CCH Psychologist – Report by Zubair Niazi
      • CCH looking for a new part-time psychologist. The previous candidate did not work out
      • Dr Shaukat Ashai’s 12th entry has already donated of Rupees 40,000 (confirm with Imran) for the psychologist to CCH for first year. He has committed for 3 years.
      • MOU expected salary of psychologist is Rupees 480,000 per year ($4147)
      • Zubair has not been able to connect with  Waseem Sajid (US Psychologist recommended by Waseemullah) to provide free consulting on project. Will try again.
      • Zubair will reach out again to CCH this week. Point of contact at CCH is Syed Mohammed Ali Alumni Relations Officer 92-057-252-2566
      • Requesting President and Abrar to followup with Principal as well
    • Endowment Fund – Naveed
      •  Imran called Vanguard . Standard process of opening an account. Financial advice requires investment of $2M so it will be self-managed
      • Naveed called Fidelity, we can open a 501C3 business account. There are Fidelity investment centers in California and do face to face conversation for financial advice
      • Zubair spoke with Javed Iqbal (Mandi) 20th entry, VP at ZT Wealth private equity firm. They will invest through Ameritade and manage the account actively for a 1.5% cut. It will likely be lower for non-profits like AANA.
      • ACTION: President will meet with Imran Ali and Mandi and provide a recommendation so we can make a decision by next months
      • Naveed: Paying a 1.x % cut to get good management of funds is worth it
    • AANA Communications on Slack vs WhatsApp – Do we want to switch

      • Naveed: We should have a transition period to in which we keep whatsapp around
      • MOTION: To  move from WhatsApp to slack for all official communication. Retire WhatsApp group after one month – unanimously approved
    • Annual AANA meeting – scheduled for July 4, 2020
      • Send bi-monthly reminders for meeting
      • Zubair is the local host committee. Naveed will help
      • Use #events channel in slack for communication
      • Zubair suggests opening event up for families and include a musical program
      • Naveed will create a link for the event in evite with link to event registration in website
      • Need to publicize on AANA page on facebook
      • ACTION: Farrukh to create event registration page in web site
  7. New Business
      • Revisit Scholarship Committee –Application & Award Criteria
        •  Farrukh: We should create google docs defining process and evaluation criteria
        • Raza Anwar had taken responsibility for this. Need to follow up with him
      • Membership Growth and Member engagement in AANA activities (ideas)
        • Need a way to track new website registrations
        • Need a way to track web site visits
        • We need to reach out to entry liaison to ask them to increase members
        • Need to start sending monthly newsletters with updates on AANA activities. Ask them to reach out to entry mates to register with web site and attend annual meeting
        • Get more fresh and interesting content on facebook page
        • Need more visual content on web site (reunions, blogs, highlighting success of Abdalians)
      • Fundraising – Plan & Implementation (brainstorm)
        •  Showcase how funds are being used with Videos, images and blogs
  8. Open Floor
    • ACTION: Allauddin will come up with suggestion for web site improvements
  9. Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 11:15 PM ET
  10. Next Meeting: March 5th, 2020 9PM Eastern (Typically on first Thursday of every month)
    Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5701
    Access code: 893246#
    International dial-in numbers:
    Online meeting ID: farrukh_najm
    Join the online meeting:
    For 24/7 Customer Care, call (844) 844-1322

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