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Meeting Notes: January 7, 2021

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Abid Hussain  (President) at 9:07 PM ET
  2. Attendance
    Present: Abid Hussain (President ),Allaudin Mahmood Bashir ( Immediate Past President), Farrukh Najmi (Board of Trustees, Webmaster), Raza Anwar Khan (Board of Trustees),   WaseemUllah( Secretary), Zubair Niazi ( Board of Trustees ),
    Not Present:   Kashif Malik (Webmaster) , Abrar Arshad Bari ( Treasurer),Naveed Ahmed ( President Elect, Webmaster), Ahmed Jahangir ( Treasurer ), Syed Imran Ali (Finance Committee),
  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda:  Agenda as posted by Waseem Ullah approved unanimously
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes from December 3, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously
  5. Last Year Review
    • Bright Spots
      • Very successful virtual annual meeting including participation from Canadian neighbors. Consensus on continuing this in year 2021 . 
      • Implementation of psychologist program at CCH, continue with monitoring the progress and implementation by US based psychiatrist ( Waseem Sajid and may be add few more)
      • Participation from the principal
      • Meeting with Lt. Gen. Najeeb
    • Lessons learned
      • Joint meeting with Canadians
      • Separate Abdalian meeting than APPNA due to preoccupation and less focus on Abdalian cause. 
  6. Annual Calendar Planning
    • Monthly Meetings
      • First Thursday Every Month 
    • Annual Meeting/ Retreat
      • Survey the membership first and location/timing based on survey.
      • Combine with 20th entry retreat rather than APPNA meeting
      • Exploit entry spirit
      • VCast the meeting too. 
      • Collaborate with Canada
      • July 3-4 or may be earlier/ later
      • Revisit this next meeting
    • Elections
      • May-June
      • Need more engagement of membership by enhancing member experience
      • Election committee to come up with proposals and fine tune the process for coming years
  7. Annual Budget Planning
    • Assets
      • Account balance
        • Bank of America
          •  28,396.30 last month
          • 34,074.50 now
        • Paypal
          • None
      • Endowment Fund
        • 46,485.13 last month
        • 47,306.34 now
    • Fixed expenses
    • Variable expenses
      • Web site maintenance:
        • $1300 approved and budgeted for 2021
      • Scholarship
        • Need Based
          • around 6k
        • Merit Scholarship
          • around 3K
  8. Goal Setting
    • Fundraising Goal
      • 25K Goal breakdown
        • Scholarship
        • General fund
        • Endowment fund 
        • Psychologist
      • Ongoing process
      • Monthly/ one time  deductions
      • Quarterly email for fundraising
    • Membership Goal
      • Current members
        • 290
      • Goal members
        • Do a membership count every meeting 
        • Increase membership to 500
        • Membership committee to come up with proposals
        • Shared list from CCH
        • Local regional meetups on one specific date related to college history
    • Start, Stop, Keep
      • Merit Based Scholarship
      • Need Based Scholarship
      • Endowment Fund
      • Mentorship
      • Library Books/Kindle
        • Farrukh bhai and Alauddin bhai to continue to look into it. 
      • CCH collaboration as f/u to Gen. Najib Meeting
        • Create a liaison between AANA and CCH
          • CCH AANA whatsapp group with EC and CCH staff
        • Shared list of alumni in North America
        • Collaborative annual alumni event
          • Ask college to organize with all alumni
        • Shared list of ongoing needs and projects where participation and support from AANA is most needed
          • Refer to whatsapp group
          • Know our limitation of resources 
        • Teacher training
          • Alauddin bhai to check with Dr Andarabi to see if a few teachers can be trained at LUMS or to work directly with teachers. 
          • Explore opportunity for skilled resource like Dr Andarabi to build a platform that AANA can support.
        • Virtual alumni rounds
        • CCH  endowment fund
      • Top 3 priorities/ key initiatives
        • To be decided
  9. Open Floor
    • Streamline book keeping and accounting
      • Quickbooks online ?
      • Google Sheet

Next Meeting: February 4, 2021 @ 9:00 PM Eastern
Zoom link TBD
Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 11:00 PM ET

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