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Meeting Notes: July 2, 2019

Attendees: Farrukh Najmi, Abid Hussain, Waseem Ullah, Zubair Niazi, Raza Khan, Mahmood Bashir

  1. Old business
    • None discussed
  2. Review minutes for 05/01/2019 meeting
    • Minutes approved unanimously
  3. Web committee & communication:  Following tasks were identified in priority order:
    • How to build membership
      • Send a second request for entry liaison to membership
      • Can we use bulk text message to members
      • ACTION: Farrukh to send membership database as spreadsheet to Zubair
    • Make the member database searchable and accessible to registered members
    • Integrate facebook page with website
    • Web site look and feel
  4. Membership goals: Entry leaders
    • Response has been low. Just 3 people signed up as liaison for their entry. We need to send a followup email to members
  5. Monthly Teleconference
    • All agreed to meet First Thursday of every month. Fallback is 3rd Thursday of every month in case of conflict
  6. New / Ongoing Business
    • Team welcomed Waseem Ullah. Waseem is a radiologist in Ann Arbor MI. He has a tech team in Pakistan that he has kindly offered free of charge to help the Social Media Committee
  7. Annual meeting update
    • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is performing the night of annual meeting
  8. Membership fee
    • Proposal floated by Zubair to charge $50 or $100 per year membership fee
    • Farrukh expressed concern that this will have a negative impact on the goal of growing the membership
    • All others felt that we should charge an annual membership fee
    • All agreed that for complete transparency we should publish our annual financial report on the web site. The accountant should send a PDF or Excel document of the general ledger from the filing
  9. Endorsement funding
    • No discussion
  10. Scholarship rules/criteria
    • No discussion
  11. Tablet funding
    • No updates
  12. Psychologist funding
    • We are waiting to get more information after a board meeting in Pakistan
  13. Chapters and annual meeting
    • No discussion
  14. New suggestion
    • No discussion
  15. Meeting adjourned at 10:23 PM

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