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Meeting Notes: May 7, 2020

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Allaudin (President) at May 7, 9:15 PM ET
  2. Attendance
    Present: Allaudin Mahmood Bashir (President), (Webmaster),  Farrukh Najmi (Board of Trustees, Webmaster), Waseem Ullah, Abid Hussain (President Elect), Zubair Niazi (Immediate Past President), Raza Anwar Khan (Board of Trustees)
    Not Present: , Kashif Malik (Webmaster) , Abrar Arshad Bari (Secretary),  Syed Imran Ali (Finance Committee), Naveed Ahmed (Treasurer)
  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda:  Agenda as posted by Allaudin Mahmood Bashir approved unanimously
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes from April 2, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Naveed)
    • No updates as Treasurer was not available
  6. Old Business
    • Annual AANA meeting – scheduled for July 4, 2020
      • Host Committee & Social Media Committee to work together and come up with a plan to host the meeting remotely Update
      • Need to decide which remote meeting tool to use. Zubair, Waseem and Farrukh will investigate further and report back
      • Need to send a separate announcement about change in meeting logistics due to Covid-19
      • Motion to request Mahfooz Sahib to give keynote speach live or recorded: unanimously approved. Farrukh to contact him
    • Elections Committee – Update & Progress Report.
      • No updates. Allaudin to follow up with Nasir Gondal
    • Technology Innovation Project
      • Have we evaluated CCH requirements/ideas as sent by CCH Principal
        • Farrukh offered to provide remote training session on use of Google Classroom if there is a need
    • Have we looked into ERP solutions and recommendations – Waseem Ullah
      • No progress. We do not currently have the expertise to help with this
      • We should reach out to various Abdalian forums to see if we can find ERP expertise and leverage it
    • Updating CCH Library with Books/Kindles
      • Online reserach on subscription to digital content was not very fruitful. Need to talk to a librarian but this is not possible due to Covid-19
    • Mentoring Program
      • How do we want to implement this – It’s a approved project!
      • Allaudin reported that some effort is being made for mentoring in another (non-AANA) Abdlaian facebook group
      • Lets use non-AANA forums to find mentors
      • Allaudin: Suggestion to invert Mentorship process so we register mentors and provide the list to CCH admin instead of students registering to ask for mentors
      • Waseem: Process needs to also support Abdalian mentees after they leave CCH. Farrukh: This could be addressed by creating an LinkedIn AANA group
    • Fundraising – Have we determined our goal and posted it on website, How do we intend to track our progress.
      • Allaudin, Farrukh: Lets pick a realistic and achievable goal
      • As agreed last meeting, lets start with $20,000 as goal for annual fund (assuming 200 of 250 members donate $100 each on average)
  7. New Business
    • Scholarship Policy/process- Should we document it on the website – are we ready to do
      • Lets finalize the porocess based on discussion in slack:
    • Website- Issues & Solutions
      • Input from members on WhatsApp.
    • Newsletter
      • Zubair: We need to make it prettier
      • Send newsletter to Waseem to make it pretty
      • Solicit feedback from members
  8. Open Floor
    • Suggestion to focus and trim programs and cut down meeting agenda so meetings are kept shorter
      • We should discuss more things in slack outside the meetings to reduce meeting time

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 10:48 PM ET

Next Meeting: June 4, 2020 9 PM Eastern (Typically on first Thursday of every month)

Join Zoom Meeting (Note: After 40 minutes the free zoom meeting will end. We will have to then join the meeting again)
Meeting ID: 838 701 8533

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