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Meeting Notes: November 5, 2020

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Allaudin (President) at 9:08 PM ET
  2. Attendance
    Present: Allaudin Mahmood Bashir (President), Farrukh Najmi (Board of Trustees, Webmaster), Naveed Ahmed (Treasurer, Webmaster), Ahmed Jahangir, Abid Hussain (President Elect), Raza Anwar Khan (Board of Trustees)
    Not Present:  Syed Imran Ali (Finance Committee), Zubair Niazi (Immediate Past President), Kashif Malik (Webmaster) , Abrar Arshad Bari (Secretary), WaseemUllah(Webmaster)
  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda:  Agenda as posted by Allaudin Mahmood Bashir approved unanimously
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes from October 1, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Naveed)
    • Account balance: $27,418.90
    • Endowment Fund (invested in Vanguard): $45,807.13 (~ +500 since Apr 2020)
  6. Fundraising Progress
    • Goal: $20,000.00 Total Raised: $ 25,501
    • General Fund: $4,601.00
      Scholarship Fund: $14,000.00
      Endowment Fund: $6,900.00
  7. Old Business
    • Updating CCH Library with Books/Kindles

      • Allauddin suggested looking at based on working with Molina Foundation. Farrukh looked into this and found that it was focused on underprivileged schools and did not seem applicable to CCH
      • Farrukh is awaiting information from for subscriptions to scholarly journals
    • Mentoring Program

      • ACTION: Farrukh

        • Add link to mentorship application form under Mentorship Program description on website

        • Update mentorship program description to match letter from CCH Principal describing program 

    • Scholarship policy
      • Raza: After confirming with Kashif Malik from Pakistan we will finalize proposal for merit scholarship sponsored by AANA. General agreement to name merit scholarships after our teachers (same for need-based scholarship)
      • We have received MOU-AANA 7732,7556 2020.pdf from CCH for two students we have supported
        • Motion to approve signing of MOU-AANA 7732,7556 2020.pdf from CCH Principal by President AANA unanimously approved
    • Website issues and solutions
      • Have contacted Ezra Klughaupt CEO at Charles River Web from Sommerville MA
      • He has is available to work on web site issues in a triaged manner @ $110 / hour. Expected effort at least 10 hours. Details provided in slack
      • ACTION: Farrukh to create a poll on slack to approve USD 1300 for one time expense for web site improvements
      • ACTION: Farrukh to see if there is a way to put an automated check in donation web page whether an employer will match the donation
      • ACTION: Farrukh to send much delayed Newsletter
      • ACTION: Farrukh Check with CCH Principal if it is realistic and feasible to have CCH student mentees work on AANA web site for a stipend
      • ACTION: Farrukh add everyone on AANA staff on mailbox so they all receive emails sent there
  8. New Business:

    • Scholarship’s for 2021: Still Waiting for MOU from CCH. Expected end of December.
    • Information requested by CA Secretary of State seeking postal address of all AANA EC members (Imran)
  9. Open Floor

    • No topics

Next Meeting: December 3, 2020 @ 9:00 PM Eastern
Zoom link TBD
Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 10:48 PM ET

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