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Mr. Mahfooz-ur-Rahman

This is an introduction I gave to our beloved Mahfooz Sahib before his keynote address at AANA annual meeting on July 4, 2020.

Good afternoon brothers. My name is Farrukh Najmi and I am from Jinnah Wing 20th entry.

We are very fortunate to have as our distinguished keynote speaker, our beloved teacher Mr. Mahfooz-ur-Rahman. Mahfooz Sahib has been a loving father figure throughout our lives and remarkably he remembers most of us students of 35 years by name!

Mahfooz Sahib was born in 1940 in British India, grew up in Aligarh and migrated to Gujranwala Pakistan in 1956. He graduated from Edwards College Peshawar in 1959 and completed his Masters with honors from Peshawar University in 1965. He began his teaching career at Cantonment Public School Peshawar where he taught from 1965 to 1967.

Mahfooz Sahib dedicated the next 35 years of his life to shaping and building ours at CCH from October 3rd, 1967 until October 31st, 2002. He has the distinction of being the longest serving teacher at CCH as the Head of Biology department for 35 years and the housemaster of Jinnah Wing for 15. 

Most memorably, he ran the weekend movies for 29 years. I can never forget those sweet summer nights at Abid Majid theater. Whenever there was a “good” scene in the movie, we would see the giant hand of God cover the projector lens to protect us from impure thoughts.

While many of us are considering retiring, Mahfooz Sahib continues relentlessly in his mission to shape the lives of future generations at Narowal Public School as Principal. In recognition of his many achievements he has twice been nominated for National Awards.

It is my great privilege to welcome the living legend, our beloved teacher Mahfooz Sahib.

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