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Summary of AANA General Meeting July 4, 2020 (Zoom)

This year’s AANA General Meeting was held on July 4, 2020 from 12PM – 2:45 PM ET. The meeting was held over zoom rather than face-to-face due to the historic Covid-19 pandemic.

We are grateful to AANA President Allaudin Mahmood Bashir (Liaquat 1977) and President Elect Naveed Ahmed (Aurengzeb 1999) for preparing the meeting agenda and logistics.

Here is the complete video recording of the meeting. See minute markers for specific items in the agenda below. Note that some agenda items were moved due to logistical issues:

Welcome & Introduction of Guests:  Allauddin Mahmood (0:17)

Election Results:   Nasir Gondal (8:17)

Introduction of Second Speaker:  Zubair Niazi – Introduce Brig. Nasir Khattak (11:43)

Second Speaker:  Brig. Nasir Khattak Principal CCH (14:50)

Q&A Brig. Nasir Khattak:  Via Chat Feature (37:00)

Introduction of First Speaker:  Farrukh Najmi  – Introduce Mahfooz Sahib (45:15)

First Speaker: Mahfooz Sahib (47:25)

Q&A Mahfooz Sahib: Via Chat Feature (1:16:45)

Retirement BOT:  Raza Anwar (1:18:48)

Parting Words Retiring BOT: Nasir Gondal (1:22:35)

Introduction of Fourth Speaker: Abid Hussain introducing Tahir Andarabi (1:27:45)

Fourth Speaker: Tahir Andarabi (1:30:47)

Q&A Tahir Andarabi: Via Chat Feature (1:49:15)

Election of New BOT:  Raza Anwar (1:56:36)

Introduction of Third Speaker: Nasir Gondal – Introduce Omar Taimur (2:01:36)

Third Speaker: Omar Taimur Atiq (2:03:45)

Q&A Omar Taimur Atiq: Via Chat Feature (2:14:55)

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