Modernization Projects at CCH

Provided funding for renovation of Teacher’s Housing at CCH that was long overdue

Provided tablets for use by student to read digital content

Currently working on providing online subscriptions to digital content to be made available to student through CCH library

Currently providing technical guidance with use of remote teaching and collaboration technologies like Google Classroom and Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic

School Psychologist

Mental health issues and their treatment are often neglected in Pakistani culture and specially military culture. CCH administration has identified to AANA the urgent need for a full or part-time School Psychologist.
Through a generous donation from  Dr Shaukat Ashai 12th entry AANA was able to provide funding for first year of School Psychologist. Dr. Ashai had pledge to cover the cost of the School Psychologist for 3 years.

CCH has hired Dr. Nabila Raheem Clinical Psychologist / Counselor & HypnoTherapist (Certified)on a full-time basis with support from AANA and Dr. Ashai.

Abdalian Scholarship Fund
The Abdalian Scholarship Fund provides:

  1. need-based scholarships for students from under-privileged backgrounds to study at CCH
  2. Merit awards to students who excel in academics. Merit awards will be given to top three students in each class

Requirements for Need-Based Scholarship

  • Must be a current student
  • Must have a C or better grade average

Application Process for Need -Based Scholarship

The following process is a draft and is being finalized by AANA:

  • Student fills out and submit Scholarship Application form (See to left)
  • Have CCH Principal email a letter of recommendation to certifying financial need
  • Submit Scholarship Application form to AANA (details TBD) by annual deadline of January 1

Approval Process and Disbursement Process

  • AANA will review all applications by annual deadline of February 1
  • AANA will approve as many applications as possible depending upon amount available in the Scholarship Fund
  • AANA will notify student and CCH Principal of decision on all applications
  • AANA will send funds to CCH by March 1

Scholarships for Abdalians

Mentorship for Abdalians

The Abdalian Mentorship Program  provides academic and career mentorship to student at CCH.


  • Must be a current student in grade 10-12

Mentor Request Process

  • Student fills out and submit Scholarship Application form (See to right)

Mentor Assignment Process

  • AANA shares the mentor request with AANA members using Facebook group and email
  • AANA members volunteer to be matched with specific mentor requests
  • Students with better grades or with AANA scholarships would be prioritized
  • Once a mentor has been assigned the student and mentor choose their preferred means of communication and mentoring details

Please describe what career you want to pursue


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